Family Photos March 2021

Nate and Rich skiing at Steamboat
After a year, our first indoor gathering with another family- Dungeons & Dragons!
The Big Snowstorm of 2021 brought 22″ of snow, tree damage, and fun
Photo credit: Allison Weinberger
Snow fort (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Always sticks! (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Sledding (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
An overnight trip to Red Feather Lakes provided tubing, cross-country skiing, and more games (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Rich continued playing Dungeons & Dragons with an online group

Christmas Charcuterie

Christmas in 2020 was as low-key as it could be. Rather than spend hours cooking, we postponed Christmas dinner to Boxing Day so that we could spend more time playing games and being lazy. Dorinna did a project, though, building a house from charcuterie. Meats, cheeses, crackers, eggs, vegetables, and dips of all kind went into the construction. It tasted great, and didn’t look bad either!

The House. Potato chips formed the roof, because the weight of crackers kept causing a collapse
The front door
Olive penguins chilling in a hot tub of parmesan dip
Christmas tree made from pickles and a pepper
The house was topped by a marshmallow chimney

Christmas Card 2020

It was the night before COVID Christmas and all through the Ruh home,
Not a device was on, not even a phone.

The children have been nestled in front of virtual school
Which started in March and has now become the rule.

Nate is in middle school, how can this be?
He loves mythology, reading and playing D & D.

In addition to her practice, Dorinna has a new job,
To make sure her son doesn’t turn into a blob.

Socializing was outside six feet apart.
We had distanced activities that included art.

Dorinna had surgery again on her hip.
It’s the gift that keeps giving, so mind you don’t trip!

Speaking of trips, we didn’t take many.
Backpacking was safe, so we did that a-plenty!

Our eyes- how they glazed over from looking at Zoom
And the local fires were like living in doom.

To not get chubby and plump (the COVID weight spike)
Rich traded his commute for some major road bike

Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
The sound of dice rolling, nothing was the matter

To avoid boredom (and potential disaster)
For Nate and his friends, Rich was a weekly Dungeon Master.

The other pandemic activities that we liked to do:
Pokemon, X Box and drinking cocktails, too.

And laying our finger aside of our nose,
(Don’t touch your face, so find another pose!)

We hear Nate exclaim, on and off of his turf
His word for the year: a resounding “MERF”

Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year!

Family Photos October 2020

Nate and I started the month with a hike up Crozier Mountain with Andrew and Chris. It started nice, but bad weather blew in and it was 34 degrees with a snow/rain mix at the summit.

Hiking with Andrew and Chris Weinberger
The infamous “Merf” photo
At the pumpkin patch with Chris and Caelyn (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)

The big news of the month were the fires that raged in the mountains to the west.


The month ended with a virtual halloween party.

Nate as Will Treaty

Halloween 2020

Halloween this year was pretty tamed down from previous years. No trick-or-treating, and no family-themed costume. Dorinna organized an outdoor party, but with cold weather and increased infection counts, we had to modify those plans. The kids all dressed up in costume and met at our house to pick up a bag of goodies. Then they went home and joined a Zoom meeting. Dorinna put together two hours of group games online. She even provided parents with instructions to set up a treasure hunt inside their own houses. While not the same as previous years, everyone had a fun time.

Group shot
Mike the Dinosaur (bonus points for a built-in COVID facemask)
Jacob and Mike
Andrew and Caelyn
Tennessee and Juniper
Nate as Will Treaty from the Ranger’s Apprentice book series

Family Photos September 2020

On Labor Day weekend, we did a three-day backpack with our friends the Liprandis.

Mike and Nate watch a helicopter land to rescue a hiker
Sleeping through a windstorm
Massive burger with bacon and grilled peaches

One way we’ve coped with the pandemic is playing Dungeons & Dragons. We now have a weekly group with 5 kids and one other Dad, plus Rich as dungeon master.

Getting prepared to play D & D

Another way we’ve coped with the pandemic is experimenting with fun cocktails.

Bike ride to Old Town for lunch…
… and ice cream!
Nate learning German at virtual school