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Family Photos October 2021

Sleepover Hangover
Our new backyard patio
New back yard
New back yard and shed
Fire pit with the Liprandis
Nate at the pumpkin patch (photo credit: Dorinna)
Playing Catacombs with the Weinbergers (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Success! (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Family dinner out
Lokis! (see previous post for more Halloween photos)
Nate’s seventh grade school picture

Halloween 2021

This year our family went as various versions of Loki, from the Disney+ show of the same name. We were joined by our friends Dean and Amanda (unfortunately Jacob, slated to play Alligator Loki, had a last-minute stomachache).

We hosted a big party, the first time we’ve done that since before the pandemic.

As usual, we decorated our Radio Flyer wagon and served cocktails to other parents while trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, temperatures in the lower 30s and what the weathermen euphemistically call “mixed precipitation” kept crowd size very low.

Family Photos September 2021

Nate backpacking with his friend Dean in Wyoming
Nate and Dean at camp (photo credit: Tom Bradley)
Nate at Upper Gap Lake
Dean and Nate (photo credit: Tom Bradley)
Nate in the Snowy Range
Driving home from the zoo (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
The Weinbergers at our first use of the fire pit
Rich bicycled to the top of Rist Canyon for the first time since 2004

Family Photos August 2021 — Vacation Edition

It takes me forever to edit my trip photos, but there’s no need to wait a year for the family shots. This year’s trip took us to Washington State.

Not too old to hold Daddy’s hand (my favorite picture of the year)
Dinner in Tacoma
Fab Sushi feast to start off our trip
“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my cocoa” (Nate taking after his dad)
Nate working on his Junior Ranger badge in Olympic National Park
Sand castles on Second Beach
Nate and Kevin at camp
Adventure hiking
Descending to the beach
Not too old to chase seagulls
Rich and Nate at camp
Tired out from seagull chasing, wave-playing and sand castle-building
Playing in the passages of Fort Worden
Channeling my inner Zeus at Fort Worden State Park (photo credit: Kevins McNinch)
Meeting Dorinna’s college friend Dave Gershman
Nate and Dorinna from the Space Needle
Nate and Rich at the Space Needle

Family Photos July 2021

First date night in over a year
Bad mosquitoes in the Park Range this summer
Nate, Andrew, and Caelyn at a Fort Collins Foxes game (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Nate and Andrew watching the Foxes (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Rich on Mount Washakie in the Wind Rivers (photo credit: Jon Bassett)
Rich hiking in the Wind River range of Wyoming (photo credit: Jon Bassett)
Exhausted after a 47-mile backpacking trip
Andrew and Nate at the pool (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Nate cuddling his cousin Laura
Nate at the archery range (photo credit: Dorinna)
Caelyn, Nate, and Andrew at the pool (photo credit: Dorinna)
After an 18-month absence, Rich returned to his co-working space in Old Town Fort Collins
Nate dresses up for “What the Heck? Day” at Band Camp
Dorinna, Nate, and Jacob at the archery range
Landscaping project nears completion

Family Photos May 2021

For Star Wars day at school, we dug out Nate’s old BB-8 costume
First post-COVID restaurant visit- Oh Me Oh My
Sunroom construction continues

Capitol Reef National Park

Days after becoming fully vaccinated, Rich drove out to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. There he met his friend Doug Morganthaler from Redlands, California.

Trip planning in Torrey, Utah
Driving to the trailhead
Lower Muley Twist trailhead
Brimhall arch

As the pandemic receded, indoor gatherings resumed
Celebrating Nate’s completion of 6th grade
Climbing Greyrock with Mike and Eric Liprandi
Hiking down Greyrock

Halloween 2020

Halloween this year was pretty tamed down from previous years. No trick-or-treating, and no family-themed costume. Dorinna organized an outdoor party, but with cold weather and increased infection counts, we had to modify those plans. The kids all dressed up in costume and met at our house to pick up a bag of goodies. Then they went home and joined a Zoom meeting. Dorinna put together two hours of group games online. She even provided parents with instructions to set up a treasure hunt inside their own houses. While not the same as previous years, everyone had a fun time.

Group shot
Mike the Dinosaur (bonus points for a built-in COVID facemask)
Jacob and Mike
Andrew and Caelyn
Tennessee and Juniper
Nate as Will Treaty from the Ranger’s Apprentice book series

Family Photos October 2019

Hiking with Mark Sangillo in Wyoming
Vienna Sausages – the classic snack food from our high school Outing Club
Giggles all around
Tony and Nate on the way to Eco-Week (multi-day field trip in Estes Park)
photo credit: Tracy Siclair
Saying good-bye to Mommy before Eco-Week
photo credit: Tracy Siclair
Hiking through the High Park Fire burn area
Gazing in awe in the depths of Flume Canyon (Fruita, CO)
Playing games in a Grand Junction coffeehouse
Winning a P.R.I.D.E. award at school
Neighborhood pumpkin carving party
Halloween Party
Avengers Assemble!