Family Photos August 2021 — Vacation Edition

It takes me forever to edit my trip photos, but there’s no need to wait a year for the family shots. This year’s trip took us to Washington State.

Not too old to hold Daddy’s hand (my favorite picture of the year)
Dinner in Tacoma
Fab Sushi feast to start off our trip
“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my cocoa” (Nate taking after his dad)
Nate working on his Junior Ranger badge in Olympic National Park
Sand castles on Second Beach
Nate and Kevin at camp
Adventure hiking
Descending to the beach
Not too old to chase seagulls
Rich and Nate at camp
Tired out from seagull chasing, wave-playing and sand castle-building
Playing in the passages of Fort Worden
Channeling my inner Zeus at Fort Worden State Park (photo credit: Kevins McNinch)
Meeting Dorinna’s college friend Dave Gershman
Nate and Dorinna from the Space Needle
Nate and Rich at the Space Needle

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