Family Photos July 2021

First date night in over a year
Bad mosquitoes in the Park Range this summer
Nate, Andrew, and Caelyn at a Fort Collins Foxes game (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Nate and Andrew watching the Foxes (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Rich on Mount Washakie in the Wind Rivers (photo credit: Jon Bassett)
Rich hiking in the Wind River range of Wyoming (photo credit: Jon Bassett)
Exhausted after a 47-mile backpacking trip
Andrew and Nate at the pool (photo credit: Allison Weinberger)
Nate cuddling his cousin Laura
Nate at the archery range (photo credit: Dorinna)
Caelyn, Nate, and Andrew at the pool (photo credit: Dorinna)
After an 18-month absence, Rich returned to his co-working space in Old Town Fort Collins
Nate dresses up for “What the Heck? Day” at Band Camp
Dorinna, Nate, and Jacob at the archery range
Landscaping project nears completion

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