Christmas Card 2019

Unfortunately, 2019 didn’t start off so well. The hardest thing was the passing of Dorinna’s mom, Rosina, on May 31st at age 92. We had a really nice final visit with her in mid-May. To add insult to injury, Nate’s hamster died about a month after his grandma. Somewhere in the middle of all that, the front wheel of Rich’s car exploded on the interstate; lots of damage, but no injuries. Dorinna’s hip fracture healed well, but it caused a chain reaction of other problems to her shoulder, knee, and back. Getting this all sorted out delayed our return to the usual Ruh family activities (and is still ongoing).

The rest of the year was better. Our vacation was a week-long trip to South Dakota. We went to three National Parks — Wind Cave, Jewel Cave and Badlands, as well as Custer State Park. Nate collected Junior Ranger patches and badges along the way. We climbed the highest mountain in the state (Black Elk Peak), saw wild bison and burros, went horseback riding, and marveled at the colorful rock formations. Nate’s highlight was staying at a KOA resort, complete with swimming pool and playground.

Other family activities included hiking and camping trips, and a 4-day weekend in canyon country.

Nate’s other activities included a baseball championship (Rich was co-coach), a make-your-own camp with his oldest friend, and his first solo trip to visit his birth family on their Oklahoma farm. Nate entered 5th grade, and enjoyed “Eco Week”, a three-day field trip in the mountains, where he saw elk fighting and heard them bugling. Inside, his passion for reading and video games remains unabated.

Rich got his fill of skiing and hiking this year, including a trip in Joshua Tree National Park with his friend Doug, and a marathon 26-mile backpack with his friend Jon. His work responsibilities expanded to include mobile software as well as desktop.

Dorinna enjoys her always-expanding private practice and consultation business. EMDR training classes took her around the country with an amazing network of friends. Her own classes were accredited by her national professional association, a big step forward for her career. The high point of Dorinna’s world: when she can take the whole top off of her Jeep, which continues to be her prized possession.

Our family continues to enjoy watching the Red Sox, seeing Marvel and Star Trek movies, and playing strategy games.

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Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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