Postcard from Apache Nugget

I skipped over one incident from our vacation. After our hike to Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch we had a long drive ahead of us to get to Chaco Canyon. Too long in fact. As the sun started to set, we still had two hours to go, complete with 15 miles down a road rumored to be in “bad shape.” While we didn’t think we’d have a problem finding a camp site, if for some reason the campground was full, we’d really be stuck without anything else around. So when we saw the words “RV Hookups” under the sign “Apache Nugget Travel Center and Casino” we decided to check it out.

Yes, this is what it looks like- a glorified truck stop. We had electricity and running water, and also ice cream novelties from the convenience store. There was the background noise of running diesels from nearby idling trucks, but it wasn’t too bad. There were security guards everywhere from the “casino” (a room of slot machines), so it was certainly a safe place to stop. After dinner, Nate and Dorinna went to the front seat of the RV to watch trucks filling up at the gas pumps and cleaning their windshields. Nate later proclaimed that watching trucks was the highlight of the day.

So while it was definitely not the nicest place we stayed, it worked in a pinch, and made for a great story afterwards!

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