Christmas Letter 2007

Christmas Tree 2007


2007 started with more snow than we’ve ever seen in the Colorado Front Range. We had a superstorm a few years ago, but that storm hit in March, and it wasn’t long before everything had melted. This year the snow landed in December (wrecking havoc with Christmas travel plans) and lasted clear into April. Driving around town was difficult, but we had a chance to go cross-country skiing on many trails that are not skiable in a normal year.

By March, Rich was tired of the snow, so he took advantage of a business trip to California to join our friend Kevin in a three-day desert backpack in Joshua Tree National Park. Other business trips that led to fun excursions were to Washington, D.C (visiting friends and the Smithsonian), and Nashville (seeing lots of live music).

Dorinna’s solo travels included multiple trips to New York and New Jersey to visit her family—okay, let’s be honest—to visit her twin nieces, who are now about 21 months old. She also spent a long weekend at the Shambhala Mountain Center at a retreat with Pema Chodron.

Dorinna officially became a naturalist for Larimer County Parks and Open Lands this year. She has led a number of guided hikes and school groups, the most exciting trip being a full moon hike with 54 people!!! She has also been volunteering with an organization that supports the Open Lands of Larimer County and is trying to increase her involvement in environmental issues.

Our vacation this year was to hike the West Coast Trail with our friend Kevin. This was a 42-mile trek along the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We saw otters, seals, sea lions, whales, and bald eagles. We spent six nights camping on the beach, and enjoyed waterfalls, surf, sea caves, tide pools, and an amazing temperate rain forest. The trail was ridiculously difficult, with slippery roots, rocks, huge mud wallows, fallen logs, cable car crossings, and literally hundreds of ladders. On the sixth day, Dorinna’s knee started hurting, and it was swollen by the next morning. Unable to walk, she needed a evacuation by boat for what turned out to be a massive infection. It took several doses of intravenous antibiotics and weeks of healing before she made a full recovery.

Other trips in the year included a long weekend in the Black Hills, backpacking in Colorado and Wyoming, and visits to see family in New Hampshire, Oregon, and California.

We are having so much fun spoiling our nieces and nephew. Emma is old enough to appreciate mail and a webcam, so she has gotten quite a few letters and packages this year and we love talking to her over the Internet. We also are enjoying watching Jack, Jacqueline, and Jessica as they learn to walk and talk and become little people with their own distinct personalities.

One unfortunate trip was for the memorial service of Rich’s Aunt Marge. It was a big loss for everyone, and we wish her family love and peace.

Late in the year, Rich’s job became even more interesting than usual. His boss took a new position, and Rich was promoted to take his place. Rich’s greatest career dream came true– he now runs the entire product development department at Tevent Miner & Miner. His head still spins at the thought that he now manages 35 people, reports directly to the company president and controls a multimillion dollar budget.

Dorinna’s private practice continues to keep her busier than she wants, which is something that no one running their own business can really complain about. She moved to a new office in July with a group of wonderful colleagues. She is close enough to bike to work and has been consistently commuting to work by bike (and everywhere else that is practical) since and she loves it.

The year ended with Rich turning his back on 16 years of programming Windows computers and purchasing a new iMac. He’s set up a new website at the address below. Next year he’ll undertake a weekly photo project and put the results on the site.

We wish you all happiness, health, and peace in 2008,

Dorinna and Rich

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